Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gracious hosts with amazing wine

One of the greatest things about the Lodi Appellation is that when you visit the wineries you will often run across the owners/winemakers.  We have made some new friends recently and since our passion is Lodi wine we want to share with them, why we love Lodi wine. 

The weekend begins with me finishing a gazebo I started.  But in order to finish it I would need help raising the roof.  So I called a good friend who is always happy to help with those types of projects.  He just so happened to be with our new friends from the Bay Area who purchased a home in Lodi to turn into an airbnb.  You can find it on airbnb under Lodi Wine House, if you are interested in staying overnight.  The house is newly remodeled and is very comfortable.  It has 3 bedrooms with a large bonus room that has multiple beds.  They also have a pool in the back for those 100 degree valley days.  Check it out, you will love it. 

While us guys worked on raising the roof of the gazebo the girls all got together and went garage sale'n.  In Lodi every weekend you will find a ton of garage sales filled with lots of goodies.  after a few hours we all met back at our house for an adventure to the wineries, since Joy and I had to pick up our wine club at Prie that is where we went.

When we arrived the 8 of us were greeted by the owners of Prie, John and Lisa Gash.  We have known John and Lisa since we met on New Years day 2016.  Joy and I were on the hunt for any tasting room open on New years day.  On that day we pulled into the parking lot and saw someone opening a bottle of wine in the tasting room and said, we are going in!  After the first glass we fell in love.  It was the most amazing Pinot Noir we had ever tasted.  At that point we were hooked and joined the wine club.  We began telling everyone we knew about them and we take people to Prie ever chance we get. 

Recently my mom told me she wanted to learn about wine and so the first people we thought of were John and Lisa.  John took my mom, who knew nothing about wine, and walked her through the vineyard to the barrel room and to the tasting room where she could try wine that came off the vines John had just shown her.  She loved it!

Today we showed up with 6 other people and this time it was Lisa's turn.  She took us all on a personal tour of the vineyards, in the 100 degree heat.  showed us the barrel room and how they process their wine and helped us taste everything they have available.  Joy and I bought 2 cases and opened a few bottles of their new 2011 Merlot Reserve.  This wine is like drinking velvet.  It's very smooth and rich.  Several others bought a few bottles and we all sat out on the patio chit chatting with John and Lisa. 

We are very blessed to live in the most amazing wine region in the world with the most amazing friends.  We just want to tell the world and have everyone come experience the Lodi Appellation.

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Gracious hosts with amazing wine

One of the greatest things about the Lodi Appellation is that when you visit the wineries you will often run across the o...